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About the Journal of the Unexplained

So much of our world is unexplored. The vast depths of space, the deepest parts of the ocean, the dense core of the center of the Earth--all of these contain incredible mysteries. So much knowledge remains undiscovered. Ancient people watched the same skies and sailed on the same oceans as we do today. What did they know about them that they can no longer tell us? What knowledge has been learned and lost? Can it be recovered?

There are countless events that we cannot explain: Human oddities, natural curiosities, and strange occurrences. Even some ancient cultures and their artifacts defy understanding. What can we learn by trying to understand these mysteries? What can we learn about the human spirit, about our place in the universe?

Unexplained stories deserve to be examined. Let’s explore them. Look forward to tales of mysteries, ghost stories, and the unexpected.

Image by Joey Nicotra
Image by Artem Kniaz
Image by Joshua Sortino
Image by Sébastien Goldberg
Image by kaleb tapp
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